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Should I Buy The GoPro Hero 7 Black For My Next Trip? - Rent To Decide.

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Do the GoPro Hero 7 Black live up to all the hype? Here are the best features I've managed to experience while using it during my trip to Europe. Check out my rental package and video example at the end of the blog!

Pros: - Great image and video stabilization. - Improve photo & audio quality 12mp still photo with HDR. / Shoots 4K - Waterproof body 10m. - Feature live stream and record horizontally. - TimeWarp Video

Cons: - Slightly sluggish & unresponsive. - Occasionally, pairing with a mobile phone may take time. My purchase: 1. GoPro Hero 7 Black. 2. 2x Dual Battery Charger. 3. 1x GoPro Original Battery.


Deciding Factor One of many reasons to buy an action camera is the conveniently small size. I was looking for something to compliment my phone in recording videos of the trip.

These days, phone camera are sufficient for casual shoot and videography. You may check out my blog on my Huawei P20 Pro. This made my trip more enjoyable as I can travel light without the need to bring my mirrorless camera.

3 Things I Like About GoPro Hero 7 Black! 1. Great image and video stabilization.

As I want to be as free as possible, I didn't purchase any gimbal. Remarkably, all the hype about "Smooth and Gimbal-Like" recording were true.

2. TimeWarp! I simply love the TimeWarp feature! It was one of the factors that made me bought it!s

3. Improve photo & audio quality. Photos were slightly better than the predecessor but there are room for improvement. Audio quality were better as it reduces the muffled sound. You can view the travel video at the end of the blog.


GoPro did get it right on the new feature and image stabilizer. It uses the same battery as GoRro Hero 5 and 6, you won't be expecting any battery usage improvements. I suggest you off the voice command to save some extra juice. UI were good but a little sluggish. There are times it would hang or taking forever to connect to a mobile device. Overall it is still a good experience! Future firmware updates might fix these issues.

Check out the Travel Video shot on GoPro Hero 7 Black!

If you are still undecided, why not rent a GoPro for your next trip. You may check out the packages below.

Rental Services:We'll be renting out 1 set of the GoPro Hero 7 Black at an affordable price! Click here "RENTAL" to reach us and we'll get back to you

AxS Gopro Hero 7 Black Rental includes: 1x GoPro Hero 7 Black

1x 32gb SD card

1x Dual charger (Charge both batteries at one go!) 2x Gopro Battery (Additional Battery will incur additional cost)

1x 3 way camera stick Additional accessories: Clip & mount comes in protective case. Rates: $8 per day $38 5 days $58 10 days $78 15 Days

Additional: 1x Battery $2 per day -Adel Shah

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