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Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions


By making a purchase and/or booking of services at AdelxSab +4th Storey, you are agreeable to the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Refund & Cancellation Policy:
• Full Refund: for cancelations made 3 days in advance (with reference to delivery or service date) however, a $10 admin fee must still be paid to cover the refunding costs.

• 50% Refunds: for cancelations made 2 days in advance (with reference to delivery or service date)

• Any other refund requests made will be accepted or declined at AdelxSab +4th Storey's own discretion. AdelxSab +4th Storey reserves full rights to decline a refund request.

2. AdelxSab +4th Storey will not be liable for orders once it has been delivered and acknowledged by recipient or on behalf of recipient to the designated delivery address.

3. All purchases and/or booking made from are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

4. AdelxSab +4th Storey reserves full rights to accept or decline any purchase and/or booking made by any one individual or corporation.

5. AdelxSab +4th Storey reserves full rights to amend it's terms and conditions at any one time, without prior notice.

6. Stock Consignment: Product(s) will be shipped within 2 - 3 weeks after payment has been received. For more details on products, contact us directly. We will process the import and absorb the tax.

7. Stock: Local: Product(s) will be shipped within 3 - 5 working days after payment has been received.

8: Read the full Technical Specs before purchase. 110V requires a step down transformer converter.

9. Shipping charges may varies depending on weight and size of product(s), ranging from $5 to $50. Total charge will be calculated during checkout.

10. We reserve the right to refund the amount paid in full, in the event we can't get the shipment in or item is out of stock.


Rental Terms of Use
Rental Terms Of Use


6.1 The Period of Rental begins immediately when the item are ready for you to collect or being delivered to you. The Period of Rental ends when everything you have rented, is returned within acceptable conditions. 

6.2 You are responsible for the item all the time they are not in our premises. You must take good care of the item and keep them in your possession throughout the Rental Period and any extension.

6.3 You are liable for all loss or damage caused to the item in their full replacement cost or value whichever is the higher. You must tell us in writing of any loss of or damage to the item without delay and you will pay to AdelxSab +4th Storey (, the full cost of the replacement or repair of the item.

6.4 Rental Transaction

6.4.1 Rental Transaction made using Offline Cash and/or Online.

There is a security deposit of $100. However, should there be anything else owed to us (e.g. extension of period, unpaid invoices or for damage and replacement of item, late returns, etc.), AdelxSab +4th Storey (, reserves the right to charge the Renter due cost immediately.

6.5 You may not alter or modify the item in any way.

6.6 If the item are held beyond the agreed Period of Rent, they remain in your possession without our consent. We will charge you SGD50 per day for this as well as for any damages for breach of this Contract if this causes loss to AdelxSab +4th Storey (

6.7 If the Renter is uncontactable or unavailable during the agreed delivery/pickup timings, leading to a failed delivery/pickup of the item, the Renter will be charged accordingly for any additional arrangements to deliver/pickup the item.

6.8 If the Renter wishes to extend rental, the Renter must inform AdelxSab +4th Storey (, in advance and will be charged a daily fee pro-rated against the total rental fee of your item.

6.9 Renter can only use our item for the specified production that you inform us about. Renter cannot use our item for any other purpose without our prior written permission. Renter cannot let anyone else use the item.

6.10 AdelxSab +4th Storey (, will use our best efforts to ensure the item are provided clean and in a working condition. The Renter must notify us of any damage or discrepancy within 6 hours of receiving the item. Failure to notify us within that time period means that you have accepted the item in the, quality and condition in which they were received.

6.11 The item remain the property of AdelxSab +4th Storey (, at all times and the Renter has no right or interest in them.

6.12 If there are any changes to delivery and/or return address and/or methods and/or dates and/or timings, AdelxSab +4th Storey (, must be notified at least 48 hours before the original delivery and/or return date. Unable to return the item on the original return date, a late charge of SGD50 per day will be billed.

6.13 AdelxSab +4th Storey (, is committed in protecting your privacy. All personal information are collected only to process and approve any rental application or services requested.


6.14 Service is available in Singapore only.

Documents needed for first time renter:
• A recent bill addressed to the Renter.
• Name and address should match based on submitted request.
• If you are below 18 years old, a Guarantor (above the age of 18) is needed. The document as mentioned above would be required of the guarantor and he/she should be present during delivery or collection.
• A letter of authorisation and recent bill addressed to the guarantor may also be used.
• A $100 security deposit is needed.

Non-Residents/Work Permit Holders:
• A recent bill addressed to the Renter.
• Name and address should match based on submitted request.
• If you are below 18 years old, a Guarantor (above the age of 18) is needed. The document as mentioned above would be required of the guarantor and he/she should be present during delivery or collection.
• A letter of authorisation and recent bill addressed to the guarantor may also be used.
• A $100 security deposit is needed.

6. 15 Minimum rental period: 3 days. Delivery/Pick-Up Flat Rate $10.00.

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy & Collection of Personal Data

AdelxSab +4th Storey (, we are committed to safeguard and ensure all personal information you provide us, remains safe and confidential. The terms stated on this page show in detail, how AdelxSab +4th Storey collects, uses and protects your personal information.

8. Collection of Personal Data

8.1 The term “Personal Information”, refers to any information about you and which identifies you. This includes, but not limited to your name, address, contact number, credit card details, gender, etc.

8.2 Your personal information is collected when you sign up as a member with us online, place an order, book a service or when participating in contests hosted by us or in collaboration with our partners. Kindly note that submitting your personal data to us, you agree and consent to us collecting, using, disclosing and managing it in accordance with our terms.

8.3 All personal data provided by you will be deemed as accurate and complete and is neither misleading nor out of date. Should there be any changes to your personal data, you will need to update us of the changes accordingly.


8.4 Use of Personal Data

8.41 Your personal information is solely for the purpose of providing products and services to you. We use your personal information for the following purposes:

• To provide services necessary to fulfil your order or booking. 
• To share news on our products, marketing materials and notify you of changes in our service or product offerings.
• To offer rewards and promotions.
• To respond to your requests or inquiries.
• To improve our services to you. Market research is performed so that we are able to improve our marketing initiatives, product development and customer service.

• To maintain general record and book keeping.

9. Secure Payment Process

Safe transactions and the protection of your privacy are and have always been our priorities. Each and every transaction made on are safe as they are put through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption.

10. Promotions via eMailers (EDMs)

Once in a while, we will send emailers and mails that contain information about our new collection, promotions, discounts, rewards and marketing advertisement from our partners. If you do not wish to receive any updates or promotional offers from us, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list by:

: Log into the email in which you had subscribed with. Send an email to, with “UNSUBCRIBE“ in the text body. Alternatively, you may unsubscribe via the "contact us" form.

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