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Behringer MicroMix MX400 For Multiple Synthesizers? Roland Alpha Juno 2 Sound Test!

I was looking for an affordable way to supplement my audio interface inputs. Optical ADAT is not an option as I am using the Saffire PRO 14 instead of the PRO 24. Running on 4 inputs means I have to swap cables every single time!

A good simple mono sub-mixer is what I need! Even if you are are connecting it to your main mixer, Behringer MicroMix MX400 should do the job! It does exactly what it said, mixes 4-channel line signals and takes a line feed to a main mixer or an audio interface. You can control the gain individually, it is great even for live performance! Set it up on top of your main keyboard and you can control each line within your reach. Behringer thrives to make good quality products at an affordable price, the MicroMix MX400 is no exception. It has a great built quality with metal body and knobs feels great. Most importantly, all 4 Mono input has a high quality sound and low noise when mixing to the main input.

Now I only need 1 channel to connect all 4 Synthesizers and it doesn't compromise on sound quality.

Here's a test I did with the Roland Alpha Juno 2 and Yamaha S08 to showcase the low noise inputs! Buy the Behringer MicroMix MX400 here:

- Adel Shah Muse - The Dark Side Sounds: Yamaha S08 - STPiano 1 Roland Alpha Juno 2 - JunoString 1

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