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Creating an online Store for your target audience to visit can be costly and challenging.
Especially when you are just starting a business, the money can be spent on building your brand awareness.

We are here to provide free e-Catalogue and Microsite for you to start your online journey.
We are not driven by profit but to provide a platform to kickstart your business.

No marketplace transaction fees, 0% commissions and no payment gateway fees.
Together we strive to build an independent community of sellers and renting providers! 

No set up Fees &
0% Commissions

▪ Focus on marketing your products
▪ No payment gateway fees & commissions
▪ No marketplace transaction fees
▪ Save on admin and service fees

Rent or Sell | Free Microsite*

▪ Redirect your customer to a Microsite
www.adelxsab/[Brand Name]
▪ Showcase your business online

▪ No domain and server fees

Free e-Catalogue

▪ Curate a selection of products online
 ▪ Customer can buy your products online
▪ Grow your business online to supplement your offline store

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Work with us!

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