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How To Replace Yamaha HS5 Blown Fuse? - Studio Monitor Not Turning ON.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Yamaha HS5 Studio monitor not turning on? Out of warranty to send back for servicing? You might want to check and replace the fuse!

Before you dive straight into it, you might want to troubleshoot and check by using a different power chord. If the speaker still doesn't turn on, it could be a blown fuse.

You will need to unscrew the Yamaha HS5 and open up your speaker to replace the blown fuse. It would be great if the fuse mount were designed similar to KRK monitors - user can simply unplugged plastic mount under the power connection to replace fuse.

You will need a screwdriver, pliers (needle nose) and a new T400mAL250V slow blow glass fuse.

IMPORTANT TIPS: It is important to ensure the exact milliampere fuse. A 0.5mA fuse may work but you can potentially damage the speaker, as it pulls more current than it can handle. Fuse is much cheaper to replace than other components! Invest in a good fuse!

I am using SCHURTER SMD-FST Gold Plated Slow Blow Fuse - T400mAL250V. If you are an audiophile, you would have heard of SCHURTER from Switzerland. They make high quality electronic components. You can buy from our eStore (link below)

BUY NOW Specifications:

Surface Mount Fuse, 5 x 20 mm 400mA - 250V

Glass Body Housing

Copper Alloy Material

Slow Blow Type (Time-Lag T)

It is a cheap and simple fix to bring back your speakers to life! Watch the easy step by step video! You can Thank me later or show your support by subscribing to my channel! ;)

How To Replace Yamaha HS5 Studio Monitor Fuse? (Speakers not turning ON?)

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