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Boom & Sizzle of the 80s Legendary Sounds from the Roland TR-08

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

I know this has been released for quite a while now! I am thrilled to learn that Roland had released a replication of the legendary TR-808. Before we talk about the TR-08, what made the TR-808 truly remarkable Rhythm Composer?

1. Booming Bass Drum

2. Sizzling hi-hats

3. Clicky sounding rimshot

4. Unique cowbell sound

It is not only perfect for beat making but also live performance, backup track & practicing with any other instruments. It wasn't available on Swee Lee website any more. I actually have it shipped all the way from the USA. I believe it should retail at around SGD$699 similar to Roland Boutique Series.

The key features: Ultra-compact drum machine with battery powered (4 x AA) Programmable Compressor, Gain, Tune Control including tone, level, tuning, and decay

Dedicated, track & selectable trigger output to external source 16 steps Sequencer with 16 sub-steps for detailed patterns and rolls Built-in speaker.

Limitations: It has only 1 mini output Knobs and buttons are too close and at times hard to navigate. Overall: It is functional piece of instrument. It still holds and maintain the values of TR-808. I still love everything about it. Stay Tuned for the video highlights!

Adel Shah

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