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Yamaha PSS-A50 Review : Access to a Keyboard Whenever Creativity Strikes!

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

During the product launch, Yamaha Music Singapore unveiled a new mobile mini keyboard. The Yamaha PSS-A50 is perfect for today's on-the-go generation. It provides access to a keyboard whenever creativity strikes!

As a fan of mini keyboard, I felt excited when I got my hands on this keyboard. It reminds me of my vintage Yamaha PS-3 and Yamaha PS-400, but with a more professional feel!


I love the sleek design, especially the glossy black finish on the display panel. The high quality touch sensitive keybed is the same as the Reface series. It has superb playability and touch. It is lightweight and compact for you to bring it around! If your laptop is not with you, it still can run on 4 AA batteries. You can play silently using the headphone jack or blast it through the built-in speaker.


The PSS-A50 is compact but big on sounds! The piano (01) and strings (18) sounds surprisingly good! The Synth Lead (33) and Synth Pad (36) deliver electronic friendly sounds. In total all 42 sounds are useful for any type of genre.

Motion Effects & Arpeggiotors

Dive deep into the functions. I was impressed by the Arpeggiator. In total, 138 arpeggio types may inspire new ideas, beats or melody making. You can experiment and mould new sounds by using the motion effects. It packed with ‘’synth-like’’ filter, pitch and modulation. This allows more creative control over the sounds.

Phrase Recording (Loop)

This is where the fun starts! You can use the Phrase recorder to record a loop. This a way to loop melodies and start playing along the playback!


Yamaha PSS-A50 can be your performing or music making companion. It fits well in the home studio with its MIDI capability. The lightweight and compact size, allowing it to be used while on-the-go, fits perfectly in a modern lifestyle! Judging by the pro-level features and sounds, the price is definitely well priced!

In my opinion, it is well suited for aspiring musicians to purchase their first keyboard or MIDI controller. It has everything at your fingertips, and it might be the perfect choice for your musical journey.


I’m sure you would love to view a demo video. In this video, I will show you how the cool features and sounds are put to use.

- Phrase Recording - Using Arpeggio - Shape Sounds with Motion Effects

- Drum beat using Arpeggio - Playback and Jam along (Loop)

- Adel Shah

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