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Why EE Sim Card for Your Europe Trip is Cheaper & Convenient Than Pocket Wifi!

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

Couple travelling from Singapore should read

We bought the 13 GB PAY AS YOU GO PACKS from Edinburgh airport. The 3-in-1 multi sim fits any type of phone. No activation needed, once you replaced your sim card, you are ready to roll. It comes pack with 13GB data of which 10 GB must be utilized within the first 30 days. It includes 250mins to call within the UK and 34 countries. This would come in handy to call your hotel or any establishment during the trip.

Coverage: Edinburgh - The Highlands, Scotland - London, UK - Paris, France The network coverage was great through out the city of Edinburgh. During our trip to the Highlands, there were some areas where connection gets interrupted. However, at major stop over, it works brilliantly. Areas we have travelled includes, Loch Ness, Glen Coe and Fort Agustus. Our journey from Edinburgh to London, passing through Newcastle and York. Through out the journey along the eact coast, coverage was very strong. In the hearts of London, EE has a great coverage as well. One of the reasons, we bought the sim is the free roaming within EU nations. We don't need to buy a separate sim card for our day trip to Paris. Coverage within Paris was good.

Verdict: - Convenient than pocket wifi! Don't need to worry about battery and charging.

- More mobility for each user using separate sim card. This is important when you need to communicate among yourself.

- Cheaper than renting a pocket wifi (11 days UK Europe Rate at $12 per day). Pocket wifi 11 days $12 x 11days = $132 (Additional insurance at $10) EE Sim Card: 25 Pound each. $43.90 x 2 = $87.80

- Don't need to worry about losing the pocket wifi and paying a hefty bill.

That's a $44.20 of savings and the convenience is priceless!

*Comparison in Singapore Dollars

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