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Why Did We Choose HMP Studio? - Wedding Photography & Videography.

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Did You Know, the only time we've met the team was on the wedding day! We chanced upon HMP Studio through an online ad and decided to engage them through emails & WhatsApp. We all know that planning a wedding can be stressful. One of the most important part in the planning, is to choose your photographer. Some would attend wedding exhibition to get the best deal and meet the team in person. We took a different approach by going through ("stalking") digital portfolio be it on official website or Social Media Page. In this digital age, I can only thank Instagram algorithm for featuring HMP Studio on my feed. Haha We shortlisted 3 photographers and decided on HMP Studio based on their reviews & digital portfolio. My wife and I love their work and the package caters to our needs.

On left Hafiz & right Abg Haizal.

''One of the most enjoyable part of our wedding was the photography and videography moments with Abg Haizal and team. Never fail to make us laugh while capturing the moment on camera, it makes the whole process natural. Sincerely recommend their services. The extra mile rendered gave us a lasting impression of their commitment & work.'' Adel Shah (Facebook Recommendation)

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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose HMP Studio.

1. Professionalism & Pleasant Attitude. We were blessed to work with Abang Haizal and Hafiz (Videographer). Most couples would feel awkward to pose for the camera, they made it a walk in the park literally on the solemnisation day. They made the photo session as one of the most enjoyable part of the wedding, with a sense of humour that lightens up the occasion. They go the extra mile and it gave us a lasting impression of their commitment & work.

2. Attractive Packages. We booked the 'New Year Bundle 2018' package which include 8 hours photography & videography coverage at an attractive price. The packages includes 180 4R prints wedding album and a 5mins HD wedding Video. Check out this space for our wedding photos update! In the meantime, be sure to check out their Instagram for price & the latest packages!

3. Creative Style & Positive Reviews. One of the reasons is their creative style based on work posted on their website & Social Media Page. We like the composition, style, post-processing and videography work. Reviews online have been positive and booking were seamless as they are responsive to all enquiries. A quick check, some of our closest friends and acquaintances have also signed up a package with them. Mostly decided based on word of mouth and reviews. You can check out the teaser video here: Note: We will be updating this space once we have received our wedding photos and video. Do stay tuned for upcoming posts, as we share more of our wedding vendors.

Image by: HMP Studio.

Updates: View wedding highlights below!


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