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Synth Arpeggios for Beginners : Stranger Things Theme on MicroKorg S & Roland D-50.

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Stranger Things Season 3 was released two weeks ago, and you've probably watched all eight episodes! If you can't get enough of season 3, why not pick up a synthesizer and recreate some of the 80s-inspired sounds! This may get you through until season 4 pop ups! :)

Stranger Things Intro probably the only intro we will NEVER skip on Netflix! I will share with you how to tweak the Arpeggiator parameters and recreate Stranger Things Intro.

1. How to choose the sounds.

2. How to tweak the arpeggiator settings.

3. Stranger Things Intro chords.

4. How to Save & Overwrite a patch.

5. Extras - How to play ''Kids'' Synth part.

1. ''Stranger Things Intro'' Choosing the sounds.

Microkorg S: C.16 - Euphoric Synth.

Roldand D-50: 1. I-55 - Stereo Polysynth. 2. I-47 - Spacious Sweep. 3. I-61 - Staccato Heaven.

Introduction - Arpeggiator parameters. The arpeggio are set by tweaking ARPEG.A & ARPEG.B parameters. You can make various arpeggio settings.

ARPEG.A Knob 1 - "TEMPO" it sets the tempo of the arpeggiator, and

Knob 2 - "RESOLUTION" it specifies the spacing of the notes relative to the tempo. 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 16, 1/24 Knob 3- "GATE it sets the duration of the notes.

Knob 4 - "TYPE" Selects the arpeggio type. 1. Up 2. Down 3. Alternate 1 4. Alternate 2. 5. Random 6. Trigger

Knob 5 - "RANGE" it specifies the range of pitch. Example one to four octaves, in one-octave steps.


Knob 1 - "LATCH" It specifies how the arpeggiator will operate when you release the keyboard. Continuous or when triggered.

Knob 2 - "SWING" it adjusts the sense of swing.

Knob 3 - "KEY SYNC" it specifies how the arpeggiator will be synchronized to the synthesizer.

Knob 4 - "LAST STEP" it sets the number of steps in the arpeggio.

Knob 5 - "TARGET TIMBRE" it specifies which timbre(s) of a Layer synth program will be sounded by the arpeggiator.

Hold down as many keys as you like to create an arpeggiated sounds.

2. ''Stranger Things Intro'' Arpeggiator Settings.

We will be tweaking these parameters on the MicroKorg S:

Dial to ARPEG.A - ''Tempo" - 95, "Resolution" - 1.16, "Gate" - 89, "Type" - Alt 1

Dial to ARPEG.B - "Latch" - on, "Swing" - 0, "Key Sync" - on, "Last Step" - 8

3. Stranger Things Intro Chords.

Arpeggio Chords: C, E, G, B, C. Yes , it is so simple. Yay! Hold down all notes at once to create the arpeggiated sounds. You can release and the notes will be played continuously. ~ "Latch" has been switched to - ''on''. Sound: C.16 - Euphoric Synth (MicroKorg S)

Additional tweaking will be done on Ableton (DAW).

Left Hand: This will be played on a different synth. Chords are C, D, E ~ G, C ~ D, C, B Sound: Stereo Polysynth (Roland D-50)

Be sure to sign up to gain access to 4th Storey Masterclass. I'll be sharing more insights and settings.

4. Save & Overwrite a patch.

Now that you've tweak the sounds, be sure to save it!

Step 1 Press the WRITE key. The selected patch number will blink in the display. The WRITE key LED will also blink, and the SHIFT key LED will light.

Step 2 Select patch number where you want to save the current settings. Dial depending on the category, select the Bank (A,B,C,D ) and the Patch Number where you want to save the current settings.

Step 3 Press the WRITE key once again to save the data.

5. How to play ''Kids'' Synth part.

Sign up to gain access to 4th Storey Masterclass. I'll be sharing the chords and tutorials.


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- Adel Shah

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